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Engineering Contract Maintenance

At Mercia, we understand that maintenance is a key priority for any business or premises owner to minimise both unscheduled downtime and the attendant costs that come with it.
For these reasons we offer a variety of maintenance contracts and services for your peace of mind. Such contracts will include the targeted, regular inspection of your equipment, preventive maintenance, and asset management designed to minimise operational costs and downtime.

Over the last 4 decades, we have taken great pride in building and consolidating long-term maintenance contracts throughout the UK.

Long term, mutually beneficial working relationships are key to our operational success and these facets are extended throughout the supply chain. Our tailored approaches are designed to accommodate operational and financial objects of our customers.  

Continuous improvement for our customers operational effectiveness without compromising on matters of site safety and quality service levels is key, and via further investment in training of our skilled engineers we continue to elevate our capabilities at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, every lifting equipment is different, meaning its individual lifespan depends entirely upon the application and location; its individual lifespan depends entirely upon the how & how often the lifting equipment is being used and most importantly to what the application of use is.
Good crane maintenance prevents breakdowns, making your site both more efficient and more productive; A Full crane servicing & inspection will include:
Inspections – these are used to identify risk, hazards and potential future issues to make sure they are mitigated during future operations.
Routine Maintenance – your lifting apparatus & equipment will be adjusted, set and lubricated to ensure they are working as well as practically possible keeping and maintaining the equipment in the best state & condition.
Compliance – the inspector will ensure your lifting apparatus & equipment is operating withing safety guidelines and is both fit for purpose but more importantly legal for use.
Reactive Maintenance a phone call away
Mercia has a track record of delivering a wide variety of reactive & breakdown maintenance work. We take pride in our swift reaction times to all building and plant emergencies, ranging from simple lock replacement to corrective work on a 16MW Generator. 

Our typical services include but are not limited to: 

  • Electrical installations
  • Plant and asset management 
  • AC & DC generator/motor service works
  • AC & DC Pumps repair
  • Cranes, Grabs and lifting apparatus refurbishments, up-grades or replacements
  • Industrial and domestic doors refurbishments, up-grades or replacements
  • Switchgear and panel maintenance/repair
  • HV systems
  • LV systems
Planned preventative Maintenance

At Mercia we recognise the importance of our clients’ facilities to the success of their business activities.
Our bespoke, tailored maintenance programmes therefore not only seek to maintain, but also re-energise our clients’ operations in terms of their building facilities and/or equipment’s. 

Plans are designed to be both flexible and scalable. We work in conjunction with our clients to find the right balance and solutions for their business activities, that consider operational needs, statutory requirements and industry standards. 
Preventative maintenance is a routine for periodically inspecting with the goal of noticing small problems and fixing them before major ones develop. Ideally giving our customers the trust that they can rely on their equipment when they most need it.
The main objective behind Preventative Maintenance is for the equipment to make it from one planned service to another without any inherent and unforeseen failures caused by fatigue, neglect, or normal wear (preventable items), which with the aid of condition-based monitoring & maintenance help to achieve by replacing worn components before they actually fail.      

Our typical planned maintenance programmes include but are not limited to: 
  •  Emergency lighting - both monthly inspections and annual discharge testing
  • Internal and external electrical inspections and repair 
  • Internal and external door assessments and inspections - including Fire Door and personal safety 
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Lighting checks, inspections and re-lamping
  • DC & AC Machines and plant assessments 
  • LV circuits
  • HV circuits 
  • Switchgear and panel maintenance 
  • Periodic test and inspection of all M&E equipment and plant
  • Complex test and inspections of all M&E equipment and plant 

Our Range Of Services

Mercia service & support begins with a visit from one of our qualified engineers who will assess your individual site/equipment needs.
Solutions will be tailored to suit your operational requirements.

We offer a wide comprehensive range of services including; design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, refurbishment, diagnostics and testing of existing electrical installations & rotating machine assets– all to the applicable standards and safety regulations.

Why not let Mercia enhance the standard of your operation via supply of individually tailored solutions designed to protect your building services, lifting and machine assets? view all services >

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