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Servicing & Inspection

It is important that you ensure that your applications, systems and equipment is properly maintained for a number of reasons. Given the heavy loads and the complex manor in which it operates, any faults can be extremely dangerous and can cause significant injuries and damage if something was to go wrong which regrettably is both a time consuming and very costly. 
Because of this is it is worthwhile and important (as well as a legal obligation) to ensure your equipment is regularly inspected and maintained. Whilst putting safety first and adhering to all regulations you will reap the rewards of properly maintained equipment both financially and that of the safety of your employees.
Mercia provide a full service alongside all inspections which will be sure to identify any weak spots of potential hazards with your equipment. We will also provide you will a full report which will recommend things such as any parts that need replacing, which can extend the life of your equipment and minimise future costs.
Let us help you, prevent expensive breakdowns, loss of production and serious injuries caused by a fault with your equipment.                                                                                                              

thorough examinations are carried out with:

  • LOLER – the Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 SI 1998/2307 (LOLER)
  • PUWER – Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 SI 1998/2306 (PUWER)
Load Testing

Lifting equipment, by its very nature, includes potentially dangerous complex pieces of equipment. Lifting equipment is used and responsible for safe moving both small and very large, light and heavy loads it is important that you know their safe limits of operation before both using them and throughout their life to ensure they are fit for safe use at all times.
An application, system or item of equipment is ‘Load Tested’ whereby it is put under stress to simulate how it would respond under load. Such load testing verifies the safe working maximum capacity. Such stress testing scrutinises this requirement by deliberately testing lifting equipment to a significant amount of load over the specified capacity.
This testing allows our customers to understand the safe operating limits of their equipment, applications and systems, in addition to providing a means by which future proof testing of their assets can be identified in order to and avoid potential hazards and accidents


Our Range Of Services

Mercia service & support begins with a visit from one of our qualified engineers who will assess your individual site/equipment needs.
Solutions will be tailored to suit your operational requirements.

We offer a wide comprehensive range of services including; design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, refurbishment, diagnostics and testing of existing electrical installations & rotating machine assets– all to the applicable standards and safety regulations.

Why not let Mercia enhance the standard of your operation via supply of individually tailored solutions designed to protect your building services, lifting and machine assets? view all services >

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