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Testing & diagnostic

Whether it is periodic testing or improving the performance of  crucial electrical and mechanical assets of your company, we support you through the diagnostic examination process and actively seek to help you optimise the maintenance cycle. Life extension of valuable assets is evaluated using this technique, consequently allowing clients to maximise the reliability, availability of vital machinery and plant assets.

Equipped with years of experience and modern, non-invasive test and diagnostic equipment and techniques, our skilled electromechanical engineers provide expert advice on the condition and faults of all your mechanical and electrical equipment.

At Mercia, in addition to carrying out  annual and other planned inspections, our engineers respond to breakdowns efficiently and effectively to ensure our customers are back up and running when minimising down time really counts.

Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • AC/DC electrical machine tests
  • Fault finding and remedial works 
  • Transformer testing
  • Gearbox testing
  • Control panel fault finding 
  • On-site inspection
  • In-situ balancing 
  • Laser alignment checks
  • Reliability life assessments 
  • Condition monitoring 
  • Low, medium and high voltage switches maintenance
  • Protection relay, meters, transducer and energy meter testing
  • Cabling test for primary and auxilliary plant 
  • Cable neutral checks and cable ID/continuity checks
  • MV & HV transmission cable withstanding testing and diagnostic (PD & TD)
  • Commissioning tests with accompanying PD analysis

Our Range Of Services

Mercia service & support begins with a visit from one of our qualified engineers who will assess your individual site/equipment needs.
Solutions will be tailored to suit your operational requirements.

We offer a wide comprehensive range of services including; design, manufacturing, maintenance, inspection, refurbishment, diagnostics and testing of existing electrical installations & rotating machine assets– all to the applicable standards and safety regulations.

Why not let Mercia enhance the standard of your operation via supply of individually tailored solutions designed to protect your building services, lifting and machine assets? view all services >

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